Inside My Dance-oral history project


Inside My Dance is Angela Lane’s story about how being a mother of a disabled child has impacted on her life and influenced her world view. The year-long project was a collaborative process during which Angela had the opportunity to examine what has been central to her experience.

I created three voice compositions from ten hours of recorded interviews, each of which examined a stage in Angela’s life. The first part, ‘Movement’, is about the first thirty years of Angela’s life which were characterised by a lack of self-belief. The second part, ‘Standstill’, describes the experience of being nailed down, set in concrete and locked in to a challenging situation. ‘Integration’, the final voice composition, explores the last ten years or so and is clearly defined as a time of personal growth and increased self-confidence.

You can listen to the 5 minute voice compositions on sound cloud here:

Inside My Dance was funded by Living Imprint. More about this project and others can be found on their website here:


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