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Turning the tables

I spend a lot of my working time recording other people’s stories. They tell me that being listened to is a wonderful experience. Angela, a great friend I got to know through the ‘Inside My Dance’ oral history project, described it well. She said it was as if she had some perspective on all the stories that had been tied up inside her and she could work with them now.

I’ve just spent a few days in Paris on a digital storytelling course. It was a chance for me to tell a story- armed with just my iPhone. Part of the course was about learning how to use smart phone apps- iMovie, Camera+ and Hipstamatic -but the main reason I went on the course was to experience the process of being part of the story circle. The story I told was the dominant story in my head at the time and it wouldn’t let me get away.

The experience was very powerful. I had the tables turned on me. Rather than be the witness and listener I was being witnessed and listened to. It was much more emotional than I expected and quite liberating.

The short film I made isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, but I enjoyed the process and I loved being in Paris and it was inspiring spending a few days with a great group of women.


The iPhone workshop was run by Joe Lambert of The Center for Digital Storytelling.

More info about CDS and upcoming workshops can be found on their website:    http://storycenter.org